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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

store floors

Raise your hand if you know
that installing a new floor is a lot of work. Two weeks ago, we would have looked at you hand-raisers and chuckled, thinking, “It can’t be that hard.” But today, our hands are raised high and our floor is shiny. Thanks to some dedicated maintenance men and the lovely ladies of the store, we got a facelift! It took some imaginative maneuvering and a lot of patience, but we made it happen without closing the store for a single day. New floors and a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a tiny place like this, and we’re excited to start the season looking our best.

Pictured we have the very last bit of tile going down, where the beer cooler usually is located. Those of you worried if our guests were still able to purchase a late afternoon refreshment fear not, we set-up a separate cooler during renovations. Also pictured is our new painted counter area, with a smiling store staff memeber Megan working behind it.

1 comment:

RumShopRyan said...

Looks nice! Yeah, I would have had my hand raised as well. I can do a lot of things but home improvement stuff isn't one of them.