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Saturday, November 13, 2010

so many steps!

When there are more than 200 steps back to your tent you tend to make sure you have everything before heading out the door; climbing a mountain of steps because you forgot something is twice as frustrating. Those of us that work here have days where it feels good to have climbed the steps, there are days when you frown and stomp your feet up them, and there are days when you decide you just won't face them.

But it's a constant love/hate relationship - the exercise is incredible for us! Certainly we can't feel bad about getting a little exercise on the way to work, while we work, on the way to the beach, the Maho store, the bathroom, our Pavilion Restaurant..........wait, that is a lot of steps over the course of the day!

I have a couple of favorite "step stories"

1) Hearing guests or staff justify their dessert purchase based on the amount of steps climbed that day "I can't feel guilty about eating this cheesecake if I climbed over 800 steps today."

2) There are times when you'll be walking down the boardwalk and someone will have just barely made it to the top of a flight of steps.......that moment of satisfaction they get from reaching the top, the smile on their face, the proudness in their eyes, and the exhale of breath......we have all been there, it feels really really good.

3) When there are a bunch of kids on camp you better believe that each and every one of them knows exactly how many steps there are from the tent to the beach, from the restaurant to the tent, from the store to the beach, they know, and they love letting you and everyone else know.

Have a better step story? Let us know! Any idea how many total steps there are on camp? - talk about getting some exercise trying to figure that one out.


Anonymous said...

After several Pain Killers I feel down about 22 of them.

Ed Feather said...

The first two times I visited Maho Bay Camps I had run the Boston Marathon only the day before. My legs were dead and hardly wanted to do anything. But, I found that walking the stairs up and down helped me recover from the marathon much faster than I would have otherwise.

Last year, I had hurt my back and had been in PT for a while. Then I arrived at Maho. After a week of the stairs, my back was feeling great and I never returned to PT when I got home.

Thanks for all those steps!


Ed Feather

kateholmgreen said...

I miss those steps....

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