Green Musings of an Eco Resort

Thursday, November 11, 2010

online store

The Maho store is back online! Our Art Center has been busy lately as we start heading into season preparing and filling all those holiday orders. Hand blown glass, fabric and paper art, pottery and clay works as well as our new Maho Bay T-shirts and hats are all available now. If you have any ideas for other items please let us know!


marcy said...

Hi: I am the owner of Maho, the dog, and for 2 years I have been asking the fabric makers there to make batik style bandanas with the Maho Bay logo. So far they haven't made them. I wanted them for my dog because of his name but other people might just use them as bandanas. If you make them, please let me know and on my next visit I will pick some up. Thanks. Marcy Weiss

Maho Bay Camps said...

That's a great idea, I'll pass the info on!