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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heartfelt Thanks

The last few months have really been busy for the maintenance crew. We have been dealing with not only the regular upkeep but with a few extra jobs thanks to Mother Nature. This work is always ongoing but in the off-season so much is accomplished by the volunteers who come down to Maho giving not only their time but really putting their hearts into it. As the new season starts and we get to see so many happy campers enjoying the campground I can’t help but think about the guys and gals who helped make it possible.

Let us not forget the regular maintenance crew either. We have a few new faces this year and they are a motivated bunch. Along with the old familiar faces in the department, we are here to give you the service you’re used to at Maho Bay Campground.

Pictured above & below, because we couldn't decide which photo was best, we have from left to right Tom, Mr. Joe, Clay, Matt, "G", and Bryan

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Anonymous said...

I like the second picture best. G is cool!
tim ray