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Monday, November 22, 2010

Housekeeping update

With the holidays approaching we are wrapping up our summer projects. During the summer we scour every manmade inch of camp. From the tents and Harmony units to the bathrooms and boardwalks, everything is wiped, scrubbed, mopped, or pressure washed back into ‘like new’ condition. Even the outside walls and roofs of the tents aren’t safe from our spray bottle and rag wielding volunteers. Everything on camp looks great, and we have a top notch housekeeping staff to keep it that way.

This summer we had the added challenge of Hurricane Earl at the end of August. As you can imagine there’s only so much that can be done to the tents against a hurricane, but we do our best to minimize wind and water damage. After Earl we had to get the tents ready for guests again, and with over 100 tents, this is no easy task. We just finishing ‘de-hurricaning’ the last of the tents this week, and boy are we glad that’s done!

Getting ready for season also means stocking up on the essentials, which in the housekeeping world includes dishes, cookware, bed linens, towels, and of course, fans. We recently purchased 45 new fans! This may sound like a lot, but many fall victim to the corrosive sea air, and we are constantly cycling in new fans to replaced damaged or broken ones.

The next update will include before and after photo's of all the power-washing of boardwalks & decks that we've been doing lately.

We hope you come down for a visit, this season is going to be FANtastic!

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Anonymous said...

More for me to repair next year!! tim r.